Terms of Business

Patients Covered By Medical Insurance

This is a private appointment and the patient’s insurance provider will be contacted for payment. Should the insurance provider not cover the full cost of the treatment, then the patient will be responsible for settling any outstanding amount.

It is the patient’s responsibility to obtain authorisation prior to any treatment. The consultant will submit claims relating to the treatment direct to the insurance provider.

Self Paying Patients

This is a private appointment and the patient is responsible for all charges.

If the fee is not settled for any reason within a 3 month period and it becomes necessary to employ the services of a debt collection agency, then an administration fee will be added to the invoice in order to recover the extra costs incurred

Fee Schedule

The consultant’s fee schedule is typically met by the insurance providers. However, as there are so many different policies in existence, it is the patient’s responsibility to establish if their own policy will cover both the treatment and the costs of the treatment and identify if they will incur any shortfall. We will provide prices of any surgical procedures that may be necessary at the time of the consultation. Please note the consultant’s fees are completely separate to the invoices the patient may receive from the hospital for tests or hospital charges for use of the minor operating theatre. If you require classification of these costs telephone BMI The Chiltern Hospital on 01494 890890

Most insurers will only reimburse patients private health costs if they have been referred by their own general practitioner and it is therefore sensible to try and obtain a written referral from your general practitioner. It is also a General Medical Council requirement that consultants should write back to a patient’s GP following any consultation.