Skin Surgery including Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin surgery is undertaken using local anaesthetic in our outpatient theatre. All lesions are normally sent for histological evaluation both to confirm the diagnosis and in the case of skin cancers to confirm complete excision

Mohs Micrographically Controlled Surgery

Dr Mohsin Ali is one of the UK's specialists in Mohs micrographic surgery, an advanced technique where critically sited skin cancers are removed under local anaesthetic

Scar Reduction

Hypertrophic or keloid scars can be injected with intralesional steroid or silicone or steroid dressings may be applied. Splayed or unsightly scars may sometimes benefit from scar revision and acne scars may sometimes be amenable to surgical correction

Cosmetic Surgery by Dr Mohsin Ali

Dr Mohsin Ali also provides a cosmetic dermatology service through his 'Lawns' Practice